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User:John R. Brews/Coriolis force

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The quarks that may engage one another in reactions are determined by the Cabbibo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix:Morii

The quarks can be arranged to exhibit right- and left-handedness, subscripts L and R, to resemble the leptons. The right-handed quarks do not couple to the weak interaction, and are labeled with subscript R. The left-handed quarks corresponding to these right-handed quarks are mixtures of quarks. Thus, the up and down quarks are assembled as:

The other generations are arranged similarly:

Right- and left-handed quarks
Symbol Electric charge, Q Weak isospin, (IW, IW3) Weak hypercharge, (YW)
uL, cL, tL +2/3 (1/2, +1/2) +1/3
dL, sL, bL −1/3 (1/2, −1/2) +1/3
uR, cR, tR +2/3 0 +4/3
dR, sR, bR −1/3 0 −2/3