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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

Graham Alan Simpson was born in the Royal Berkshire Hospital, in England. He was 16 minutes late, although still managed to fall inside his predicted birth month of August 1988. Before long, his family relocated south, from Reading to Somerset. He spent the next decade and a half in the small market town of Wincanton, where he discovered academia at the age of six. He soon began to demonstrate interest in the various sciences, egyptology and linguistics; having already taught himself how to read. During his teenage years, he first discovered music, largely under the auspices of the Gillingham comprehensive school staff. Along with his lifelong love of sciences, this would be something he would hold dear to his heart for years to come. After an eventful career in public education, Graham began studying physics at Exeter University having failed the entrance exam to Oxford's Lady Margaret Hall. Unfortunately, a series of medical incidents and conditions would force him early from the department. Undeterred, he continued to study on his own, while working three jobs; and still hopes to complete his bachelors and masters through the Open University.