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  • Extrajudicial detention [r]: The policy and practice of holding prisoners captive without judicial authority to do so, or without a recognized authority under international law, such capture of prisoners of war [e]
  • Military police [r]: A branch of military service, or units of that branch, which both do routine enforcement of military law within armed forces, but also provide classic police services related to the special relations of a military force to other civilian and opposing military groups: apprehension and the handling of surrendered groups, physical security, detention facilities, etc. Other branches are often responsible for intelligence, trials and interpretation of military law, and criminal investigation [e]
  • Judge Advocate General [r]: U.S. military legal officer [e]
  • Restructuring of the United States Army [r]: A major doctrinal and organization redesign of the United States Army, with its chief feature being moving from the division to the Brigade Combat Team and new supporting brigade structures as the basic Unit of Action [e] (need some subheading redirects for MP roles)
  • Uniform Code of Military Justice [r]: All the United States' military forces share a common set of military justice procedures. [e]
  • War on terror [r]: A major policy of the George W. Bush Administration, defining global terrorism, as opposed to nation-states as in the Cold War, as the focal point of national security policy [e]