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User:Ed Poor

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However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. ---Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Possible conflicts of interest

I am involved in three other Internet encyclopedia projects:

I have also been a member of the Unification Church and a follower of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon for nearly my entire adult life.

If you see me writing too positively (or negatively) about any of the above, please give me a WARNING first. Don't just ban me. I really am a reasonable person, and quite willing to undo my mistakes and "go along to get along".

Articles I started

I am a computer programmer, with a concentration in user interface design and database programming. I pushed for several improvements in MediaWiki, notably the feature that lets blocked users edit their own talk page; and I got them to program MediaWiki extension ParserFunctions, which enables users to perform simple mathematical computations. (My Template:Age is embedded in thousands of Wikipedia biography pages.)

I am strong (if not vociferous!) advocate of neutrality in encyclopedia articles, particularly when they touch upon controversies of great public import.

I am also a sysop at Conservapedia (where I was voted in unanimously by the student board after only 6 days there).

I work well with young people, encouraging them to be polite and work hard for the common goal of writing clear, factual, interesting and relevant articles.

Academic qualifications:

I have no degrees; I'm a self-taught amateur in just about everything I know. However, I scored 760 on the math SATs in 1973 and got a 3 in AP calculus.

I understand formal logic and the scientific method well enough to tell whether a theory has been proved or not.

Anyone may edit my user page! :-)