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  • Stub BASIC [r]: A family of high-level programming languages. [e]
  • C [r]: Please do not use this term in your topic list, because there is no single article for it. Please substitute a more precise term. See C (disambiguation) for a list of available, more precise, topics. Please add a new usage if needed.
  • Stub C++ [r]: Programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup that added concepts from object oriented programming to the C programming language. [e]
  • Stub MATLAB [r]: Numerical computing environment and programming language. [e]
  • Pascal [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Developing Article Perl [r]: Dynamic, interpreted programming language with good string processing and powerful regular expression engine. [e]




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Camper, P., 1785. Nachricht vom Sprachwerkzeuge des Orang-Utan. Herrn Pieter Campers sämtliche kleinere Schriften. Verlag S. L. Crusins, Leipzig.
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