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User:Daniel Mietchen/Talks/Integrating wikis with scientific workflows/Funding

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Funding applications written on-wiki

There is not much to tell about wiki uses in funding, even though this has been attempted, grants have been written in the open, and funds awarded to open science projects.

  • Many papers nowadays have an "open questions" section or similar - such gaps (cf. grey labels in "More information" section at Fishbase) could be signaled very efficiently if knowledge were properly and comprehensively contextualized, providing opportunities for both researchers and funders.
  • The current system of reviewing research by default before it is done blocks innovation and should be enriched with other means of selection — why not allocate some of the research money for those who made major contributions to structure (wiki-wise) the existing knowledge in a given field?

Funding obtained to contribute to wikis

Funding obtained to study wikis