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This is a sitemap of the Citizendium, cut off after 427 pages and reformatted using the {{r}} template. It was created on 13 March 2010 (UTC) with, using as the Starting URL.


  • Developing Article Blog [r]: A type of website, usually personal, often organized with posts in reverse chronological order. [e]
  • Developing Article Wiki [r]: A website that allows anyone (with registration required or not) to edit any page and to add new pages. [e]
  • Social network [r]: An abstract or formal structure of serial social relations consisting of nodes (persons or roles) and links (the relations between nodes). [e]
  • Stub Database [r]: A collection of computer-readable records, at one or more location, that are organized in some meaningful way beyond simple sequence of creation [e]
  • Developed Article Cloud computing [r]: Use of computer networks, especially the Internet, to access computer resources, operated by a third party; access is on-demand and dynamically assigned — cloud computing differs from managed hosting with resources dedicated to users [e]
  • Developing Article Telemedicine [r]: The use of electronic communications to enable providers to diagnose, provide information, and deliver health services when they are not available for on-site service delivery [e]
  • Society (disambiguation) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Stub Open science [r]: A movement aimed at making the process of scientific research more transparent both within and beyond the scientific community, and at sharing its results with the widest possible audience. [e]
  • Developing Article Open source software [r]: Software where the source code is freely modifiable and redistributable. [e]