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'Testy' may be slow, but it gets there in the end.

This account has been used for testing purposes since 2020. It is currently looked-after by John, who was sick of creating temporary test accounts, but is available to any member of the Technical Staff. Additionally, anyone may interact with 'Testy' as they wish.


The Mystery of the Missing Passwords

  • Testy's baptism of fire came in November 2020, when its very creation was used to scrutinise the account-registration process. Only the test failed, so John couldn't log in to the account. Testy nevertheless confirmed that there is a problem with sending mail to some registered addresses: temporary password emails don't come through, but instead bounce back to the Technical Staff's address after a gap of several days. So, this account was inaccessible until its own password email emerged from the ether, which it duly did at the expected pace.

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