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My name is Arturo Magidin; I currently live in Lafayette, Louisiana, where I am Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (my homepage).

I earned my undergraduate degree in Mathematics in 1993 from the Facultad de Ciencias of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and my Ph.D. in 1998 from the University of California at Berkeley under the direction of George Bergman. My thesis is on dominions in varieties of groups, a topic that lies in the twilight borderlands between Group Theory and Universal Algebra.

I have been a contributor to Wikipedia for a couple of years, being intrigued by the project; nonetheless, I harbor some skepticism as to its ultimate success. I believe Citizendium may be a step in the right direction to overcome the problems I envision with Wikipedia, and I am willing to work in good faith to try to make it succeed.