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User:Andrey Khalyavin

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I was born in Kirov, in 1985. I graduate Physical-Mathematical Lyceum in Kirov and enter Moscow State University. I am graduating Moscow State University this month.

I have one gold and 2 silver medals in International Mathematical Olympiads (for pupils) in 2000-2002. I participated in International Collegiate Programming Contest in 2006. My team achieve 9 place. Also, I participated in on-site programming competions: Topcoder Open 2006, Topcoder Collegiate Challenge 2006 and Google Code Jam 2006.

I have a couple of mathematical articles in discrete mathematics (I am studying at discrete mathematics department) and meteorology (I am working in Hydrometeorological centre of Russia).

My interests contains mathematics (discrete mathemics and numerical methods), low-level programming, programming competitions and logical games.

My recently published article:

Link to the results of ICPC 2006:

mathematics workgroup, computers workgroup