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User:Andrew Staroscik

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My PhD was earned in a biological oceanography program and I am a microbial ecologist with broad interests in ecosystem function, biogeography, biogeochemistry and bacterial gene regulation. My research has focused on describing the structure and activity of aquatic and soil bacterial communities, trophic interactions between bacteria and phytoplankton and the regulation of specific bacterial genes in response to environmental conditions. This body of work provides me with experience studying ecology at both the community and organismal level. I also have a MA degree from Boston University in Energy and Environmental Analysis. This degree compliments my degree in Oceanography by providing me training in the economic and social aspects of many of the topics studied by modern science. I have recently become involved in a number of web based projects aimed at promoting the dissemination of scinentific information. The first is a blog ( where I have begun writing about current research topics in my field. I also took the lead in starting an online forum and wiki specifically for scientists who study bacteria in the genus Flavobacterium. These resources can be found at