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User:Alexander Gieg

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Alexander Gieg is an undergraduate Philosophy student at University of São Paulo (USP)'s College of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences (FFLCH), as well as under the independent Brazilian Philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, but currently he is not taking classes with either.

His main interests are: Philosophy, mostly in the fields of Metaphysics, Ancient philosophy, Medieval philosophy, Philosophy of religion, Logic and Philosophy of science; the Traditionalist School of Religious studies; Economics in the Austrian School tradition; Politics; and History.

His secondary interests and hobbies include, among others: Fantasy and Science fiction books; Computer games, mostly in the Versus fighting game, Computer role-playing game and MMORPG genres; Programming languages; and Linux. The game he is currently playing is World of Warcraft, where he's a proud member of the Ängels av Tända Alliance guild in the US-Maelstrom Realm.

He is currently living in São Paulo city, capital of São Paulo state, Brazil.