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Citizendium personnel are informally divided up into discipline workgroups. Workgroup's homepages are at Φ. The articles corresponding to workgroup names are good places to look for important articles to edit, and we want these articles themselves to be excellent as well.

Natural Science
Astronomy Φ - Biology Φ - Chemistry Φ - Earth Sciences Φ - Health Sciences Φ - Mathematics Φ - Physics Φ - Other
Social Sciences
Anthropology Φ - Archaeology Φ - Economics Φ - Education Φ - Geography Φ - Law Φ - Linguistics Φ - Politics Φ - Psychology Φ - Sociology Φ - Other
Classics Φ - History Φ - Literature Φ - Philosophy Φ - Religion Φ - Other
Architecture Φ - Music Φ - Theater Φ - Visual Arts Φ - Other
Applied Arts
Agriculture Φ - Business Φ - Computers Φ - Engineering Φ - Healing Arts Φ - Journalism Φ - Library and Information Science Φ - Media Φ - Military Φ - Other
Games Φ - Hobbies Φ - Sports Φ - Other