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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

I am a Norwegian Free/Open Source minded guy born in 1969. I live in Bergen (N 60.39548° E 5.31735°), but was born and raised in Hammerfest, Northern Norway. My interests are way too many to completely list here, but includes music, computing, photography, philosophy, and various sciences. I have been programming and used computers since 1982, PC since 1985, had some years with DOS and QNX after that and have been using Linux since 1995 and have been working as a Linux sysadmin/programmer since 1996. I'm pretty involved in the Free/Open Source community, at the moment mostly as a Norwegian translator (Vim, Subversion and Skolelinux). I'm also a part-time musician, have played the guitar since 1981, and have played semi-professional since around 1990. Long-time photographer, started borrowing my stepfather's SLR when I was around nine years old, and have had it as a hobby since then.

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