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United States Third Fleet

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The United States Third Fleet is a United States Navy command in the Pacific, created in World War II. Besides the name, there is no similarity in responsibilities between the WWII and contemporary forces.

Second World War

During World War II, however, there was one main U.S. Pacific Fleet, reporting to Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz. When it was under the command of Adm. William Halsey and his plans & operations staff, it was designated Third Fleet. Halsey alternated in planning and commanding operations with Adm. Raymond Spruance; when the fleet was under Spruance's command and staff, it was designated United States Fifth Fleet.

Current responsibilities

At present, it is the main central Pacific force, primarily responsible for preparation and training, homeported in San Diego, California, with the United States Seventh Fleet the forward-deployed force in the western Pacific. Both report to United States Pacific Command in Hawaii. Fifth Fleet is assigned to the Middle East, under United States Central Command.

Vice Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III took command of Third Fleet in San Diego on 12 June 2009, after establishing the Navy Air and Missile Defense Command (NAMDC).

Its major component commands are:

  • Task Force 30: Battle Force
  • Task Force 31: Command and Coordination Force
  • Task Force 32: Ready Force
  • Task Force 33: Logistics Support Force
  • Task Force 34: Pacific Theater Anti-submarine warfare force
  • Task Force 35: Surface Combatant Force
  • Task Force 36: Amphibious Force
  • Task Force 37: Carrier Strike Force
  • Task Force 38: Landing Force