U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan

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Currently Anne Patterson, the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan is the chief U.S. diplomat in Islamabad. Since the Afghanistan War (1978-1992), the Ambassador, along with other personnel such as the Central Intelligence Agency station chief, has also been involved with the situation in Afghanistan. Since the 9-11 Attacks, the relationship has become even more challenging.

Ambassador Patterson said, in September 2008, that Pakistan has, in the context of counterterrorism, "different priorities" than the U.S., is "certainly reluctant to take action" against the leadership of the Afghan insurgency.[1]

Name Dates Notes
Paul H. Alling 1947-1948 Career
Avra M. Warren 1950-1952 Career
Horace A. Hildreth 1953-1956 Noncareer
James M. Langley 1956-1959 Noncareer
William M. Rountree 1959-1962 Career
Walter P. McConaughy 1962-1966 Career
Eugene Murphy Locke 1966-1967 Noncareer
Benjamin H. Oehlert, Jr. 1967-1969 Noncareer
Joseph S. Farland 1969-1972 Noncareer
Henry Byroade 1973-1977 Career
Arthur W. Hummel, Jr. 1977-1981 Career
Ronald Spiers 1981-1983 Career
Deane Roesch Hinton 1983-1986 Career
Arnold Lewis Raphel 1987-1988 Career; died in service
Robert Oakley 1988-1991 Career
Nicholas Platt 1991-1992 Career
John Monjo 1992-1995 Career
Thomas W. Simons, Jr. 1996-1998 Career
William Milam 1998-2001 Career
Wendy Chamberlin 2001-2002 Career
Nancy Powell 2002-2004 Career
Ryan Crocker 2004-2007 Career


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