U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon

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The U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon is the head of the U.S. Mission to Lebanon, based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Michele Sisons, who arrived in February 2008 as charge d' affaires ad interim, was confirmed by the Senate in August and has been resident since then.


This list begins with the first diplomats accredited as full Ambassadors, rather than at a lower diplomatic rank. The Ambassadorship has been vacant at times, but charges d'affaires ad interim are not included. Career Foreign Service Officers are denoted as FSO. For security reasons after multiple attacks, the Embassy was closed in 1989-1990.

Name Dates Notes
Harold Minor 1952-1953
Raymond Hare 1953-1954
Donald Heath 1955-1958
Robert McClintock 1958-1961
Armin Meyer 1962-1965
Dwight Porter 1965-1970
William Buffum 1970-1974
G. McMurtrie Godley 1974-1976
Francis Meloy May 12, 1976 to June 16, 1976 Assassinated
Richard Parker 1977-1978
John Gunther Dean 1978-1981
Robert Dillon 1981-1983
Reginald Bartholomew 1983-1986
John Kelly 1986-1988
John McCarthy 1988-1989
Ryan Crocker 1990-1993 FSO
Mark Hambley 1993-1994
Richard Jones 1996-1998
David Satterfield 1998-2001
Vincent Battle 2001-2003
Jeffrey Feltman 2004-2008 FSO
Michele Sisons 2008- FSO