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The 1960s brought about the arrival of many influential rock music groups in the British Invasion, including The Kinks. Formed in London in 1963, the band first gained prominence with their highly influential single "You Really Got Me". The principal members of the band were Ray Davies (lead vocals/guitar), Dave Davies (lead guitar), Peter Quaife (bass), and Mick Avory (drums). Quaife left the band twice in late 1960s and Avory left due to long-running dispute with Dave Davies.

The band became one of the most influential British rock groups in the British Invasion, combining Ray's songwriting skills and vocals, Avory's steady drumming, and Dave's impressive guitar work.


The Kinks came out of Muswell Hill in northern London playing rhythm-and-blues in 1963, formed by the brothers Ray and Dave Davies. "You Really Got Me", their third single, became a smash hit, having an influence on the Who, 1960s garage punk, and early 1970s heavy metal. "All Day and All of the Night" and "Tired of Waiting for You" provided the band with two more major international hits.