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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about The Holocaust.
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Parent topics

  • Antisemitism [r]: In basic usage, hostility against, or persecution of, Jews, rather than ethnically Semitic people in general, or non-Semitic Jews [e]
  • Genocide [r]: The deliberate killing or other destruction of a large group, membership in which is a broad criterion such as ethnicity or religion rather than individual acts [e]
  • Nazi race and biological ideology [r]: The policies of Nazi Germany, based on the views of Adolf Hitler, which emphasized encouraging the breeding of what he considered to be a superior race and preventing the breeding, or actively killing, what he considered subhuman [e]
  • Adolf Hitler [r]: (1889–1945) Politician in Germany; became 1921 Nazi Party leader, 1933 Reichskanzler (Chancellor), then 1934 as der Führer dictator before and during World War II. [e]



General organizations and leaders


Facilities and field units

  • Nazi euthanasia program [r]: A secret program of Nazi Germany, in which hundreds of thousands of persons were killed, not for medical reasons but because they were deemed, by Nazi ideology, "life unworthy of life" [e]
  • Einsatzgruppe [r]: Plural is Einsatzgruppen; Nazi mobile security, and then killing units, which accompanied Army units advancing into Austria, Poland and Russia; units on Russian Front carried out mass murder in The Holocaust prior to the construction of extermination camps [e]
  • Concentration camp [r]: A camp where civilians, enemy aliens, political prisoners, and sometimes unwanted ethnic groups are detained and confined under extremely harsh conditions (including the murder of the detainees as during the Holocaust in Nazi Germany). [e]
  • Extermination camp [r]: Totenlager A subset of six Nazi concentration camps in The Holocaust, designed principally for killing ideological and racial undesirables as part of the Final Solution [e]


Top leadership

  • Schutzstaffel [r]: A Nazi German organization, the "SS". technically part of the National Socialist German Workers' Party but in many respects a "state within a state", its functions intermingled with government offices in a manner characteristic of Adolf Hitler's desire to keep final control. While it is best known for its security and genocidal operations, it also had major economic and regular military roles, a far growth from its original role as Hitler's personal bodyguard [e]


  • Adolf Eichmann [r]: A key leader in the planning and operation of the Holocaust, who escaped Germany but was subsequently apprehended by Israeli agents in Argentina, and tried and executed by an Israeli court [e]





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