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Workgroups are inactive but may still be useful.
Use the Forum or article Talk pages for communications.
[[CZ:{{{group}}} Workgroup |{{{group}}} Workgroup]]
[[{{{group}}}|{{{group}}} article]] [[:Category:{{{group}}} Workgroup|All articles]] (0) [[:Category:{{{group}}} to Approve|To Approve]] (0) Editors: [[:Category:{{{group}}} Editors|active]] (0) / [[:Category:Inactive {{{group}}} Editors|inactive]] (0)
Authors: [[:Category:{{{group}}} Authors|active]] (0) / [[:Category:Inactive {{{group}}} Authors|inactive]] (0)
[[CZ Talk:{{{group}}} Workgroup| Workgroup Discussion]]
Recent changes [[:Category:{{{group}}} Citable Version Subpages|Citable Articles]] (0)
[[:Category:{{{group}}} Affiliated Subgroups|Subgroups]] (0)
Checklist-generated categories:
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Underlinked Articles|Underlinked]] (0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Category Check|Cat Check]] (0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Cleanup|Cleanup]] (0)

Subpage categories:

  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Definition Subpages|Definitions]] (0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Related Article Subpages|Related Articles]] (0
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Bot-created Related Articles subpages|to check]] 0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Bibliographies|Bibliography]] (0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} External Link Subpages|External Links]] (0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Galleries|Gallery]] (0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Video Subpages|Video]] (0) 

Missing subpage categories:

  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} need def|Definitions]] (0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} need rel|Related Articles]] (0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} need bib|Bibliography]] (0)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} need ext|External Links]] (0)

Article statuses:

  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Developed Articles|0 Developed]] (status=1)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Developing Articles|0 Developing]] (status=2)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Stub Articles|0 Stub]] (status=3)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} External Articles|0 External]] (status=4)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Advanced Articles|0 Advanced]] (status 0-1)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Nonstub Articles|0 Nonstub]] (status 0-2)
  • [[:Category:{{{group}}} Internal Articles|0 Internal]] (status 0-3)

[[Category:{{{group}}} tag]]

These are checklisted articles, managed by the {{{group}}} Workgroup, for which we have not gone through the "to do list" found at CZ:The Big Cleanup.

A complete list of articles up for a category check can be found at Category:General Cleanup.

This template will put categories its included on into Category:Subpages Workgroup Improvement Categories