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Welcome to the Philosophy Workgroup user list page!

If you want your user data to appear on status page for the Philosophy Workgroup, you must add your name to this page.

For the page containing the complete list of everyone in the Userinfo System (i.e., everyone who shows up on the Group Status page), see/edit Template:UserinfoSystemUsers.

How do you add yourself?

You add yourself by editing this page and putting your username in the right place. When you edit this page, you'll notice that it begins with some weird code, then this line:


You should add your name to the list that immediately follows that line. Note that it's all one long (wrapped) line. There are no line breaks between names. There shouldn't be.

To add yourself,

  • alphabetize by your family name. Move the cursor down to where your name would appear alphabetically in the list. If you're the first person adding yourself to the list, then replace (delete) PUT_NAME_HERE with your username.
  • write your precise username (capitalization, spaces, and punctuation are all important; you can find it at the top of every wiki page, when you're logged in). Make sure it is separated from other names by one pipe | on each side (except for the last name in each list).
  • do not add an extra space after writing your name, or add anything else to the page, or you'll break things. :-)

Want to add data to other workgroup lists?

To find and add yourself to a workgroup's status list, here is a list of lists.

Add your name here (press edit)