Tarin Kowt

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Tarin Kowt (also known as Tarinkot) is the capital of Uruzgan Province in Afghanistan.

In the Afghanistan War (2001-), taking Tarin Kowt was a prerequisite for attacking Kandahar, the stronghold of the Taliban. Hamid Karzai was directly involved in the fighting.[1]

Australia and the Netherlands had security and reconstruction forces there. The Dutch were responsible for the base proper, with Australians providing road security to Kandahar. There was controversy about a warlord being paid for that security, after Dutch soldiers were killed. The Dutch eventually withdrew forces in 2010. Australian Defence Forces were aware the Kandak Amniante Uruzgan commanded by Colonel Matiullah Khan worked for the Afghan Ministry of Interior to provide security on key routes within Uruzgan. Colonel Matiullah Khan was commander of the KAU, an organisation officially recognised and funded by the MOI to provide security along the key routes in Uruzgan province. The KAU performed that function in co-operation with the Afghan National Police. Khan was eventually appointed police chief. [2]

The town and province are isolated; road work began in 2008 to link Tarin Kowt to Chora, 25 kilometers north.[3] Chora is a forward operating base for providing security.


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