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Talk:Radar MASINT

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 Definition The use of radar signals to obtain information beyond imaging of a target or its simple position, such as motion, reflectivity and surface characteristics, etc.; this technical information may be combined with imaging radar or traditional tracking radar [d] [e]
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Where should imaging radar go?

Right now, I have it in radar MASINT, but I can make a fair argument that specifically imaging radars, as opposed to tracking radars, really belong in Imagery intelligence. I have not yet ported the Wiki article on IMINT, as I wrote much less of it than the other intelligence articles.

Ideally, if there's someone here knowledgeable about IMINT, I'd like him or her to start a new article here, or port and edit the Wiki article. At that point, I'd like to have a discussion about the placement of imaging radar, a discussion I never could get going at Wikipedia.

Howard C. Berkowitz 22:07, 7 May 2008 (CDT)