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Talk:Littoral Combat Ship

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This article is developing and not approved.
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 Definition Lighter than a U.S. destroyer or frigate, (but heavier than a corvette or fast attack craft) relatively low-cost U.S. Navy warship type, capable of ocean crossings but optimized for coastal operations including mine warfare (MIW), anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASW). [d] [e]

My review up to now

At this time, I reviewed this Littoral Combat Ship article about as much as I want to review it until more is added to it. At this point, I don't think of anything to add about anti-submarine warfare to this article. My comment at this point is that in the "New procurement approach" section at the current end, the clause "fixed-price contract to each company to build one apiece of their ships through 2015." is not exactly clear to me. I would like to see that sentence rewritten in a clear, understandable way; one apiece "each year" through 2015 ??. Henry A. Padleckas 05:42, 23 February 2011 (UTC)