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 Definition Electrodes which can be used to measure the concentration of particular ions in cells, tissues, or solutions. [d] [e]
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Merge/update (Chemistry Editor please review)

I've creted this article, partially because I didn't see ion selective electrodes, and, on finding it, discover that article was a 2007 import by the primary Wikipedia author. While this needs work, especially illustrations, it can be CZ-original.

My chief current interest in the subject is for critical care medicine, where internal electrodes increasingly are used for continuous measurement. I have written other introductions in analytical chemistry and this subject, of course, complements that.

Changing "electrodes" to "electrode" in the title allowed me to separate the WP-derived and original article. I'm happy to take Editor guidance on the naming. It's not really a merge, as I will take no unmodified quote from the earlier article. Howard C. Berkowitz 04:30, 20 September 2010 (UTC)