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Talk:Active attack/Draft

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 Definition An attack on a communications system in which the attacker creates, alters, replaces, re-routes or blocks messages; this contrasts with a passive attack in which he only reads them. [d] [e]
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Perhaps more of an aside from electronic warfare...

Rather than active vs. passive in electronic attack, the terminology nonkinetic vs. kinetic is used. Nonkinetic uses all the elegant electronic and computer methods, while kinetic is truly brute force. Many years ago, I was at an Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association meeting after the 1973 Middle East war. Someone asked an Israeli general how he preferred to counter a particular Soviet radar, expecting some involved imitative jamming technique. He said he really preferred a 500 pound bomb straight down the antenna. Howard C. Berkowitz 06:27, 15 June 2010 (UTC)

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