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  • ...hich the vessel is operating. Fisheries followed by VMS fall into two main categories: ...dar]]s, that might be able to find the vessel. Fishing vessel crews should check the VMS at reasonable intervals, and confirm it is working.
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  • * [[Secure sockets layer]] (SSL) or [[transport layer security]]<ref name=RFC>{{citation |title = The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.2.
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  • ...signals between devices, it can transfer only real data and does no error checking and correction. All those are done in a buffer. ...] drops physical implementation entirely, and instead uses [[TCP/IP]] as a transport mechanism.
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  • ...remain under control of the owning agency, but audit is the main tool for checking on the server operator. Microsoft, for example, is proposing the "locki defenses, in the [[#Department of Transportation|U.S. Department of Transportation response to Conficker]]
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  • ...lling real-world implementations. It defines network activities into rough categories: Network protocols fall into two categories: those in which the flow of a piece of information runs from network elem
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  • .... Transferred to the operational control of the newly created Military Sea Transportation Service on 1 October 1949 she was redesignated '''USNS ''Mission San F ...she was placed in service with MSTS and operated, under charter, by Marine Transportation Lines. She served with MSTS until she was returned to the Maritime Adm
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  • ...r," tended to absorb moisture, to separate into its components while being transported; it did not burn if packed too tightly into a gun. By the 15th century gu ...our small wooden wheels were attached to the holder, making a carriage. To check the recoil, a heavy rope or "breeching" was run from the breech of the gun
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  •, who arrives without warning, is far riskier than a write-in who can be checked without any initial interaction. ...a cursory search of the individual and his or her belongings, the MP will transport the individual to the MP station." Under US Army Regulations, military poli
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  • ...and in the colonial U.S. were often limited to news of shipping, trade and transportation. Print journalism can be split into several categories: newspapers, news magazines, general interest magazines, trade magazines,
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  • ...fficer (aka Reports Officer,Intelligence Officer): does preliminary report categorization and organization. May be the administrative chief. ...untry. The more valuable the group's output, the fewer field intermediates check its information before it goes to headquarters, but the reduction in field
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  • ...ine users (the majority of the world's population) will involve making and transporting physical media, which costs money. The by-nc license does not grant the ...y kind of reorganization which involves more than one article will require checking the licenses and thinking about copyright law. Incompatible licenses wil
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  • ...of the most important parts of that support being the availability of air transport so he could be visible in remote areas. <ref name=Sagraves /> The [[Vietna ...tion infrastructure, delivery of humanitarian supplies might need military transportation resources. In other situations, the overall political situation makes
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  • ...nt of theory goes hand in hand with observations, which serve as a reality check for the [[Theory|theory]], as well as inspiration for more precise research In summary, observational checks of theory, inspiring more precise questions, leading to better experiments
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  • .... Northern Ireland is aligned with the EU for goods rules, so there are no checks on the land border. ==Transport==
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  • ...[[economic growth]]. Further, [[newspaper]]s and the [[media]] acted as a check on [[government corruption]], often exposing serious flaws and leading to e substantial income from government largesse. Could persons receiving paychecks from the federal government behave as [[responsibility|responsible]] and i
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  • |bill, check |draughts (board game)<ref>but '''Chinese chequers''' (American '''Chinese checkers''')</ref>
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  • * '''[[CZ:Proposals]]''': A number of active proposals are currently in the categories below. Feel free to weigh in under the "Discussion" areas: ...up-to-date and accurate. When people question what I do, I have to double check, which means I'm either patting myself on the back for my brilliance, or ad
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  • ...vied by the state. The crown raised both customs duties and taxes on land, transportation, salt, lead, and silver. The state raised a land tax, a city tax, a ta territorial integrity, and Franco-British-Soviet negotiations, aimed at checking Germany's expansions, started in Moscow. The Soviet Union secretly deman
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  • ...y, the Council of Europe (CoE) Rapporteur on alleged secret detentions and transport of terrorist suspects by the CIA, delivered his interim report concluding t French airports by secret CIA flights transporting terrorist suspects. On 19 February, the UK
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  • It will be difficult for any of the five countries to check their epidemics by 2010 without dramatic shifts in priorities. The disease ...treatment. They can have very high mortality, and both spread through air transport and deliberate weaponization are a significant concern<ref >{{cite book|aut
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