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  • ...ble for personnel and logistics (and civil affairs if present); the Soviet/Russian equivalent went by several names, but "chief of the rear" was representati ...ion operations cell, while U.S. doctrine has psychological operations as a subgroup of IO
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  • ...lian]], [[Latin]], [[Persian]] (Farsi), [[Portuguese]], [[Russian language|Russian]], [[Sanskrit]] and [[Spanish]]. The family of Indo-European languages is subdivided into a number of subgroups. These are, according to many classical descriptions:
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  • ...e rise of the nation state (especially England, France, Spain, Prussia and Russia), and explorations of the [[Atlantic World]]. "Modern History" (since 1648) ...o the [[CZ:History of Technology Subgroup|History of Technology Subgroup]] subgroup.
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  • :''Main geographic areas:'' Israel, New York, Russia, other diaspora locations. ...Mongolia]], the [[Himalayas]], [[China]], [[Korea]], [[Japan]], parts of [[Russia]], [[Christmas Island]].
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  • ...tic gains occurring among married voters, men, and Catholics. Within these subgroups, however, Republican gains have occurred mainly or exclusively among self- ...ssor, tried to temper feelings of triumphalism lest there be a backlash in Russia, but the palpable sense of victory in the [[Cold War]] was a success that R
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  • ...studies have been conducted internationally, including those in Australia, Russia, England, the Netherlands, and Korea. Indications are that each country ha ...elevision are the norm. Unlike radio, which “narrowcasts” to specific subgroups, traditional television broadcasts to large heterogeneous audiences and st
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  • The Quartet, of the UN, the European Union, Russia and the United States, recommends a two-state solution. Recently, UN Secre ...ers across the border to attack Israeli civilians. Its [[Black September]] subgroup murdered eleven Israeli athletes at the [[1972 Olympic Games]] in Munich.
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  • ...ory behaviour of General [[Mohammed Siad Barre]], assisted by support from Russia and then the United States.<br> ...o split among [[Taliban#Traditional taliban and Afghan leadership |Pashtun subgroups]]; prior to the war, the less militant traditional Taliban were something
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