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  • ...popular snacks at ballgames. However, the dog was yet to receive its name tag. There are several legends surrounding the etymology of the words 'hot dog. the [[mock religion]] [[Discordianism]]. According to one of its main [[Mythology|myths]], after [[Eris]] rolled the golden apple into the wedding of Peleus
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  • # Base runner is tagged out. ''Thrown out'' and ''tagged out''
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  • ...eated [[NASA]]. The name comes from [[Mercury (mythology)|Mercury, a Roman mythological god]] who is often seen as a symbol of speed. Mercury is also the name ...The only patches the Mercury astronauts wore were the NASA logo and a name tag. Each manned Mercury spacecraft, however, was decorated with a flight insig
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  • ...act outside our sense of what is acceptable behavior are more likely to be tagged with a label of ''mentally unhealthy'', whether or not they are indeed m [[politics]] or have much presence in the [[public sphere]]. In [[Greek mythology]], there were numerous accounts of male figures giving [[birth]], such as
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  • ...f>) Despite his revealing experiences as a schools inspector, Arnold took mythology and intellectual questions<ref>He wrote to Clough in 1852 that "modern poe ...s now best known, and which evoke the strongest sense of feeling have been tagged with the label "elegiac".
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