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  • ...of the [[British Isles]]) did transmit at least vestigial remnants of the mythologies of their Iron Age forebears, which were often recorded in written form d .... Next the Gauls revered [[Apollo]], [[Mars (mythology)|Mars]], [[Jupiter (mythology)|Jupiter]], and [[Minerva]]. Among these divinities the Celts are describe
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  • :''Scriptures:'' The ''Kojiki'' and ''Nihon Shoki'' (mythological compendia) :''Major divisions:'' 18 subgroups
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  • than pollen, which are gathered and used by oligolectic bees. One small subgroup of [[stingless bee]]s (called "[[vulture bee]]s") is specialized to feed on Bees figure prominently in mythology. See [[Bee (mythology)]].
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  • ...elevision are the norm. Unlike radio, which “narrowcasts” to specific subgroups, traditional television broadcasts to large heterogeneous audiences and st Gerbner, G. (Spring 1994). Reclaiming our cultural mythology: Television’s global marketing strategy creates a damaging and alienated
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