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  • ...have many varieties, and these depend on geography; when two subgroups are geographically separated they adapt differently to their respective environment and b
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  • ...o split among [[Taliban#Traditional taliban and Afghan leadership |Pashtun subgroups]]; prior to the war, the less militant traditional Taliban were something
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  • ...en's History: A Research Guide]</ref> and is now well represented in every geographical topic; increasingly it includes gender history.<ref>see [http://www.amaz ...ticles on all aspects of the history of agriculture and rural life with no geographical or temporal limits.<ref> See [
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  • :''Main geographic areas:'' Yazd and Kerman ([[Iran]]), Bombay, Karachi. :''Main geographic areas:'' Israel, New York, Russia, other diaspora locations.
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  • There are two overlapping subgroups of social conservatives—the traditional and the religious. Today in the U.S., geographically the South, the Midwest, the non-coastal West, and Alaska are conservat
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  • '''''Region'''''. Since 1980, geographically the Republican "base" ("[[Red state vs. blue state divide|red states]] ...t&articleId=8955 |accessdate=2006-11-18}}</ref> on the other hand, say non-geographic social indicators show a trend toward Democrats. They point to the rapid i
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