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  • {{Presentation|Can ScraperWiki actually work?}} [[Julian Todd]] & [[Aidan McGuire]]
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  • ...his article. Until a better system can be compiled, a system of temporary "Work" numbers (indicated by the letter "W" has been assigned to the notes. ''Chatham Islands numismatics'' by Aidan John Work. Published in the Coin News, [[February]] 2006 by [[Token Publishing]],page
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  •] illuminated manuscript thought to have been the work of the monks of Iona. : Saint Aidan travels from the monastery of Iona to Northumbria, becomes Bishop of Lindis
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  • ...economy. It employs 1,800,000 full-time equivalent people — 6.1% of the working population (2002 figures).<ref>[ Visit Brita ...e in London, and the team that developed the first atomic bomb began their work in the England, under the wartime codename tube alloys.
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  • ...his subjects to follow his lead. To encourage this, in 635 Oswald invited Aidan from the monastery on the island of [[Iona]] on the coast of [[Scotland]] t ...s replaced by his successor. A cemetery was established on the island, and Aidan's remains were interred there. According to [[Bede]], Lindisfarne's monasti
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