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  • ...or '''normal divisor''', is a (proper or improper) subgroup ''H'' of the [[group]] ''G'' that is invariant under [[conjugation]] by all elements of ''G''. ''g h g<sup>&minus;1</sup>'' &isin; ''H'', then ''H'' is a normal subgroup of ''G'', (also expressed as "''H'' is invariant in ''G''"). That is, with
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  • In [[field theory]], a '''field automorphism''' is an [[automorphism]] of the [[algebraic structure]] of a [[field (mathematics)|field]], tha ...iven field ''K'' form a [[group (mathematics)|group]], the '''automorphism group''' <math>Aut(K)</math>.
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  • In mathematics, '''groups''' often arise as structures representing the set of possible symmetries o ...bined, and the full group of symmetries is called the 2-dimensional affine group. [[Felix Klein]] pioneered this approach to geometry, calling it the [[Erla
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  • ...' if it mapped to itself by any [[group automorphism]], that is: given any automorphism <math>\sigma</math> of ''G'' and any element ''h'' in ''H'', <math>\sigm Any characteristic subgroup of a group is [[normal subgroup|normal]], but the converse does not always hold.
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  • {{r|Normal subgroup}} {{r|Center (group theory)}}
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  • ...bset of elements which [[commutativity|commute]] with every element of the group. ...[[group homomorphism|homomorphism]] to ''G'' to its [[inner automorphism]] group.
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  • {{r|Automorphism}} {{r|Group theory}}
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  • ...mie fran├žaise]] so that he could tell them how to define ''[[automorphic|automorphe]]'' in their dictionary. But there is a reason for special notation and t ...d but that they do not coincide. In practice, mathematicians are typically grouped with scientists at the gross level but separated at finer levels. This is
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