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Sirena was an early series of Soviet and Russian radar warning receivers,[1] devices with Sirena designations first were reported on the MiG-21 (fighter) (Western: MiG-21 FISHBED). The model numbers are in the SPO series. The SPO-10 is described as at the rough technology level of U.S. Vietnam War era equipment. [2] They are able to recognize different Western threats.

Other variants, including the model 3M with no blind spots, have been described on the MiG-23 (fighter), MiG-25 (fighter) and reconnaissance aircraft (Western: MiG-25 FOXBAT. Another was on the Yak-28 (bomber) (Western: Yak-28 BREWER) electronic warfare variant. There is also version for the Su-25 FROGFOOT

The SPO-15LE SIRENA is on the Su-22 (fighter) (Western: Su-22 FITTER), an upgrade of the Su-17. [3]


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