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SimCity is a simulation computer game based on the complexities of town planning. Created by Will Wright and released in 1989, the concept of building a town was greeted with scepticism by industry insiders but turned into one of the most successful computer games in history. A number of sequels have been released since.

The challenge of SimCity is to create a functioning and bustling metropolis using basic concepts of town planning: road and electrical infrastructure, financial maintenance, appropriate zoning and attracting enough residents to keep the city growing.

Under the Maxis 'Sim' Label, the simulation concept produced the following titles:

SimEarth, SimFarm, SimTown, Streets of SimCity, SimCopter, SimAnt, SimLife, SimIsle, SimTower, SimPark, SimSafari, Sim Theme Park and The Sims. Many other computer game companies also produced titles based on the same city/community building simulation concept after the success of the original. So far, there have been four sequels in the SimCity series.