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Shirt (clothing)

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A Shirt is an article of clothing worn on the upper body, typically covering the back, chest, shoulders, arms, and has a section of fabric around the lower neck called a collar. Different styles of shirts exist that may not cover all areas:

  • the tank top exposes the shoulders, a section of the upper chest and neck, and the upper-back.
  • the haltar top is similar to a tank top but may or may not contain straps extending from the back over the collarbone to the chest. A halter top is usually held up by a strap that goes from the area just above the breasts to around the back of the neck and back down.
  • the t-shirt is a short-sleeved shirt which only has sleeves covering down to the elbow, with a rounded section where the collar would be. Some t-shirts have a breastpocket on the front and have interesting designs, logos, slogans, or jokes on the front or back.
  • the button-down shirt or dress shirt has a collar, sleeves with cuffs, buttons that line down the chest and extra length in the front and back. It is usually meant to be worn with a suit jacket and tie, although that is customary in most formal or business situations. A variant on this is the tuxedo shirt, which is meant to be worn solely with a tuxedo. Although this shirt comes with buttons down the middle and on the cuffs, they are not intended for use. Instead, cufflinks and studs are used in the button holes to keep the shirt enclosed in the appropriate places. A bowtie and cumberbun are the typical "tux" accessories.
  • the undershirt is usually a white, cotton t-shirt of a slightly thinner variant that is worn underneath a regular shirt to protect the shirt worn from sweat and odor produced by the body. Undershirts are considered a piece of the total underwear regalia.
  • the polo shirt is a short-sleeve shirt with two to three buttons at the collar, and are often made of a "stiched" material. The polo shirt was made famous by René Lacoste, a prominent male tennis player of the twentieth century.