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Red Beard (nuclear weapon)/Related Articles

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Red Beard (nuclear weapon): U.K. 15-25 KT nuclear gravity bomb intended as a tactical nuclear weapon [e]

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Parent topics

  • United Kingdom nuclear weapons [r]: Nuclear weapons designed, built and deployed by the United Kingdom [e]
    • Tactical nuclear weapon [r]: Nuclear weapons used by land, sea, or air forces against enemy forces, supporting installations or facilities, in support of operations that contribute to the accomplishment of a military mission of limited scoper usually limited to the area of military operations; usually smaller than strategic weapons; largely replaced by precision guided munitions [e]
    • Gravity bomb [r]: A bomb with no supplemental propulsion, whose trajectory is determined by initial velocity and gravity, or by the action of aerodynamic control surfaces. [e]
  • Nuclear weapon [r]: A weapon that produces extremely powerful explosions from principles involving subatomic particle reactions, rather than the chemical reactions among atoms that power conventional explosives [e]


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