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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.

See also Naturalism


  • Realism (arts) [r]: An artistic approach emphasizing factual accuracy of details in art or literature, by (for example) characterizing people by what they say or do instead of overtly imputing motives to them [e]


  • Modal realism [r]: Philosophical theory that claims modal possible worlds are in some sense real, notably advocated by David Lewis. [e]
  • Model-dependent realism [r]: A philosophical position that all we can know about reality consists of networks of world pictures that explain observations by connecting them by rules to concepts defined in models. [e]


  • Realism (international relations) [r]: A concept, in foreign policy, that actors can cooperate on matters of common external concern, without attempting to reform one anothers' internal structures [e]


  • Scientific realism [r]: Philosophical position that posits that the entities proposed by science are real (as opposed to an epistemic abstraction). [e]