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  • Think tank [r]: An organization that presents ideas as expert analysis, the level of objectivity of which varies with the institution, but with an implication of at least some intellectual independence. [e]
  • United States Air Force [r]: One of the uniformed services of the United States, with principal responsibility for land-based long-range and high-performance aircraft, as well as land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles [e]



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  • Federally Administered Tribal Area (Pakistan) [r]: A region of Pakistan that is outside the regular system of Pakistani provincial government, involving a combination of tribal leaders and "agents" of the national government; the subdivisions are called "agencies", not "provinces"; from an international standpoint, it is fairly lawless [e]
  • Kyrgyzstan [r]: A landlocked central Asian nation, formerly part of the Soviet Union; after a coup, it successfully held democratic elections [e]