Provinces of Afghanistan

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At present, there are 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Some provinces have, from time to time, been split or merged, typically to create a better ethnic balance. Kabul, in Kabul Province, is the national capital.

There are several informal and formal regional groupings of provinces. Geographically, the country tends to split into north, south, east and west quadrants, often with a central mountainous area. The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) also has four quadrant Regional Commands and a Capital Regional Command.

Security forces are from the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The ANA has five regional corps plus national reserves.

Administrative divisions of Afghanistan
Province Capital Security notes
Badakhshan Province Fayzabad
Badghis Province Qala-e-Naw
Baghlan Province Puli Khumri
Balkh Province Mazar-e-Sharif HQ, ANA 209th Corps; HQ, ISAF RC North
Bamiyan Province Bamiyan
Daykundi Province Nili split from Uruzgan
Farah Province Farah
Faryab Province Maymana
Ghazni Province Ghazni
Ghor Province Chaghcharan
Helmand Province Lashkar Gah 3rd Brigade, ANA 205th Corps
Herat Province Herat
Jowzjan Province Sheberghan
Kabul Province Kabul HQ, ANA 201st Corps; ISAF RC Capital
Kandahar Province Kandahar HQ, ANA 205th Corps; ISAF RC East
Kapisa Province Mahmud-i-Raqi
Khost Province Khost 1st Brigade, ANA 203rd Corps
Kunar Province Asadabad
Kunduz Province Kunduz
Laghman Province Mihtarlam
Lowgar Province Pul-i-Alam 1st Brigade, ANA 201st Corps
Nangarhar Province Jalalabad 3rd (National) Quick Reaction Force Brigade, ANA 201st Corps
Nimruz Province Zaranj
Nurestan Province Parun
Uruzgan Province Tarin Kowt HQ, 205th Corps, ANA
Paktia Province Gardez 3rd Bn, 1st Bde, ANA 203rd Corps
Paktika Province Sharan
Panjshir Province Bazarak
Parwan Province Charikar HQ, ISAF RC East at Bagram Airport
Samangan Province Aybak
Sar-e Pol Province Sar-e Pol
Takhar Province Taloqan
Wardak Province Meydan Shahr
Zabul Province Qalat 2nd Brigade, 205th ANA Corps