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  • Allele [r]: A specific sequence of a gene, and one of a pair in a diploid cell (one per chromosome). [e]
  • American College of Physicians [r]: American organization of doctors of internal medicine (internists), and physicians. [e]
  • Antidepressant [r]: Mood-stimulating drugs used primarily in the treatment of affective disorders and related conditions. [e]
  • Asthma [r]: Disease process that is characterised by paradoxical narrowing of the bronchi, making breathing difficult. [e]
  • Carotid endarterectomy [r]: Excision of the thickened, atheromatous tunica intima of a carotid artery. [e]
  • Diabetes mellitus [r]: Relative or absolute lack of insulin leading to uncontrolled carbohydrate metabolism. [e]
  • Digital object identifier [r]: Unique label for a computer readable object that can be found on the internet, usually used in academic journals. [e]
  • Genetic polymorphism [r]: Occurrence of different forms, stages, or types in individual organisms or in organisms of the same species, independent of sexual variations. [e]
  • Geriatrics [r]: "the branch of medicine concerned with the physiological and pathological aspects of the aged, including the clinical problems of senescence and senility."(National Library of Medicine) [e]
  • Incentive spirometry [r]: Therapeutic use of gases or of aerosols by inhalation, designed to help restore or improve respiratory function in patients. [e]
  • MELD Score [r]: Numerical scale used to prioritize liver transplant candidates, and predict hepatic mortality. [e]
  • Peak expiratory flow rate [r]: Measurement of the maximum amount of expelled air that leaves the lungs on forced exhalation. [e]
  • Perioperative care [r]: Interventions to provide care prior to, during, and immediately after surgery. [e]
  • Revised Cardiac Risk Index [r]: Clinical prediction rule for use during preoperative care, for prediction major cardiac complications of noncardiac surgery. [e]
  • Stent [r]: Slender thread, rod, or catheter inserted into a tubular structure, such as a blood vessel, to provide support during or after anastomosis. [e]