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The AN/ PRD-13(V) SOF SIGINT Manpack System (SSMS) is a signals intelligence collection system originally intended for use by special operations personnel, typically performing special reconnaissance. While it is primarily used by United States Army Special Forces SOT-A teams accompanying operational detachments,[1] it can be used by any special operations force, including U.S. allies. The (V)2 model is, however, a component of the Block I PROPHET signal intelligence system used by the Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition Squadron (Brigade Combat Team) of Brigade Combat Teams under the restructuring of the United States Army.[2]

(V)1 model

Its original capabilities include direction-finding capability from 2 MHz to 2 GHz, and monitoring from 1 to 1400 MHz. [3] This version required human control for searching.

(V)2 model

The (V)2 enhancement added an automated capability for quickly characterizing the electromagnetic spectrum in the area of interest, with directed and general search modes. [4]

In a directed search mode, the device can be programmed to look for 400 general signals plus 20 priority signals. In the programming, trigger thresholds, including but not limited to signal power, can be set on a per-channel basis.

General search is band, not channel, oriented. With this mode, there are three search strategies: automatic, semi-automatic and new energy. Up to 400 signals can be listed as "pass", and will not generate search events. The AN/PRD-13(V)2 can monitor, and send to an external recorder:

  • center frequency
  • signal bandwidth
  • time-first-seen
  • per cent time active
  • bearing relative to the PRD-13
  • signal power level

In the PROPHET application, it is vehicle-mounted.


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