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Within the U.S. Department of Defense system for operational reporting (OPREP), OPREP 3 is a report of a specific incident; PINNACLE OPREP 3 describes an event of such importance that it needs to be brought to the immediate attention of the National Command Authority, Joint Chiefs of Staff/National Military Command Center (NMCC), and other national-level leadership. Several several sub-designations exist for different contingencies although PINNACLE can be used alone.

PINNACLE Differs from FLASH or FLASH OVERRIDE designation, which deals with communications precedence while PINNACLE deals with precedence of the information being communicated. It is unlikely, however, that any PINNACLE OPREP 3 message would not also have a FLASH or higher communications precedence.

PINNACLE subtypes

Nuclear-related events

BROKEN ARROW always requires PINNACLE; EMPTY QUIVER would be likely to do so as well. These may or may not require PINNACLE.

Related U.S. Air Force OPREP3 not requiring PINNACLE

  • BEELINE (OPREP-3B). This report provides information on any incident or event where U.S. Air Force level interest is indicated but not requiring an OPREP-3 PINNACLE report. Although the report normally remains within US Air Force channels, commanders may add other addressees, as appropriate, to avoid duplicate reporting.
  • HOMELINE (OPREP-3H). This report provides information on any incident or event with Major Command (MAJCOM) level interest indicated but not requiring OPREP-3 Pinnacle or Beeline reporting. Regions may identify Homeline reporting requirements in their supplements.


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