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A collection of images about Onslow Beach.

Onslow Beach U.S. Military exercises. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

National Archive- NN33300514 2005-06-30.jpg
5 Nov 1979. A seven-man reconnaissance team from 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, slowly move along the Onslow beach shore, during their training. They are using a light, rubberized recon boat.
24 Nov 1982. Amphibious landing vehicles (LVTP-7) come ashore. These Marines and equipment are a part of the 32nd Marine Amphibious Unit returning from Beirut, Lebanon.
16 Apr 1983. A Mark 8 mechanized landing craft (LCM), right, and a utility landing craft come ashore during Exercise Solid Shield '83.
16 Apr 1983. Preparations are made to lower the bow ramp of the Newport class tank landing ship USS MANITOWOC (LST 1180) during Exercise Solid Shield '83.
16 Apr 1983. Marines march across the causeway during Exercise Solid Shield '83. They are armed with M16A1 rifles.
16 Apr 1983. Equipment from the 2nd Light Anti-aircraft Hawk Missile (LAAM) Battalion is set up at Onslow Beach to provide close air support during Exercise Solid Shield '83.
1 Jun 1985. LCM 8 (Landing Craft Mechanized) Mod-1 mechanized landing craft and utility landing craft approach Onslow Beach during Exercise Solid Shield '85.
1 June 1985. M-809 5-ton trucks are driven from a tank landing ship across a pontoon bridge onto Onslow Beach during exercise Solid Shield '85.
1 Jun 1985. An M-60 tank is driven ashore from an Assault Craft Unit 2 (ACU-2) LCM-8 Mod-1 mechanized landing craft as Onslow Beach during Exercise Solid Shield '85. Overhead is a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter.
2 May 1987. An LVTP7 tracked landing vehicle generates a smoke screen as it approaches Onslow Beach, North Carolina, during the field training Exercise Solid Shield '87.
1 Apr 1991. Marine Corps Base. Marines from Company D, 2nd Light Armored Infantry Battalion, prepare to drive their LAV-25 light armored vehicles down the bow ramp of the air cushion landing craft LCAC-8. The 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade's (4th MEB's) ground units are coming ashore at Onslow beach after disembarking from the amphibious ships on which they were deployed in the Persian Gulf region for Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.
11 Feb 1997. A LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushioned) heads into Onslow Beach, Camp Lejeune, NC. This LCAC was part of a rehearsal for a demonstration that would be given the following day as part of the REVISED CAPABILITIES Exercise.
31 May 2000. US Army remote-controlled "B.A.T.S." target rockets being prepared for launch on the E-1 range at Camp Lejeune's Onslow Beach area during a 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Battalion missile targeting exercise. Marines from the 2nd LAAD Battalion, stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, were using the versatile rockets as fast-moving targets, firing Stinger missiles at them from the Avenger system mounted atop High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV).
4 April 2005. Assault Amphibian Vehicles await the order to splash into the water as part of the Amphibious Specialty Training (AST) at Onslow Beach aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C.. The exercise gives Marines with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit their first taste of ship life and how to properly embark personnel, cargo, and vehicles aboard a ship.
17 Aug 2006. A US Marine Corps High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) drives aboard a US Navy Landing Craft, Air-Cushion (LCAC) craft from Assault Craft Unit 4 during operations at Onslow Beach at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (NC). The LCAC is en route to the Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Ship USS BATAAN (LHD 5).
Marines at Oslow Beach.jpeg
24 Oct 2006. A group of Camp Lejune Marines wait for live fire exercises to begin.

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