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A list of key readings about Ohio.
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Surveys and textbooks

  • Bell, Carol Willsey. Ohio Guide to Genealogical Sources. (1988). 372 pp.
  • Benedict, Michael Les and Winkler, John F., eds. The History of Ohio Law. (2 vol. 2004). 946 pp.
  • Booth, Stephane Elise. Buckeye Women: The History of Ohio's Daughters. (2001). 239 pp.
  • Borcyczka, Raymond and Cary, Lorin Lee. No Strength without Union: An Illustrated History of Ohio Workers, 1803-1980. (1982). 328 pp.
  • Cayton, Andrew R. L. Ohio: The History of a People (2002), 473pp
  • Grant, H. Roger and Clarence Wunderlin. Ohio On The Move: Transportation In Buckeye State (2000)
  • Knepper, George W. Ohio and Its People. (3rd ed. 2003), textbook; ISBN 0-87338-791-0
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  • Parker, Gregory; Sisson, Richard; and Coil, William Russell, eds. Ohio & the World: Essays toward a New History of Ohio. (2005). 199 pp.
  • Sisson, Richard, ed. The American Midwest: An Interpretive Encyclopedia (2006)
  • Smith, Thomas H., ed. An Ohio Reader. Vol. 1, 1750 to the Civil War. Vol 2. Reconstruction to the Present. (1975). 763 pp. articles by historians

to 1860

  • Blue, Frederick J. Salmon P. Chase: A Life in Politics (1987)
  • Bond Jr., Beverley W. The Foundations of Ohio. Volume: 1. 1941. detailed history to 1802.
  • Brown, Jeffrey P., and Andrew R. L. Cayton, eds. The Pursuit of Public Power: Political Culture in Ohio, 1787-1861 (1994)
  • Buley, R. Carlyle. The Old Northwest (1950), Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Carter, Harvey Lewis. The Life and Times of Little Turtle: First Sagamore of the Wabash. (1987). 275 pp.
  • Cayton, Andrew R. L. The Frontier Republic: Ideology and Politics in the Ohio Country, 1780-1825 (1986)
  • Cayton, Andrew R.L. and Stuart D. Hobbs. The Center of a Great Empire: The Ohio Country in the Early Republic (2005)
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  • Weisenburger, Francis P. The Passing of the Frontier, vol. 3 (1941), detailed history of 1830s and 1840s
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1920 to present

  • Bower, Kevin Patrick. "Relief, Reform, and Youth: The National Youth Administration in Ohio, 1935-1943." PhD dissertation U. of Cincinnati 2003. 201 pp. DAI 2003 64(5): 1787-A. DA3092078 Fulltext: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
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  • Patterson, James T. Mr. Republican: A Biography of Robert A. Taft. (1972). 749 pp.
  • VanTine, Warren, et al. In the Workers' Interest: A History of the Ohio AFL-CIO, 1958-1998. (1998). 219 pp.

Localities and regions

  • Curl, Donald W. Murat Halstead and the Cincinnati Commercial. (1980). 186 pp
  • Hirsimaki, Eric. Lima: The History. (1986). 351 pp.
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  • WPA. Cincinnati: A Guide to the Queen City and Its Neighbors (1943), 574pp; famous guide book, with history

Primary sources

  • Bentley, Anna Briggs. American Grit: A Woman's Letters from the Ohio Frontier. ed. by Emily Foster, (2002). 344 pp. online review
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  • Johnson, Tom L. My Story (1993), reform mayor of Cleveland
  • Saxbe, William B. and Franklin, Peter D. I've Seen the Elephant: An Autobiography. (2000). 267 pp. Saxbe was a politician and US Senator 1946-74
  • Shriver, Phillip R., Jr. and Clarence E. Wunderlin. eds. Documentary Heritage Of Ohio (2001)