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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Night vision devices.
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  • Forward-looking infrared [r]: An older term for thermal imaging systems, typically airborne, that can "see" objects by their heat emissions and difference from background, in conditions including night and fog [e]
  • Low-light television [r]: Night vision devices that are sensitive principally in the visible light spectrum, but at intensities below the threshold of human sight. If they have multiple image-forming elements sensitive to different visible wavelengths, they can produce color displays. [e]
  • Thermal viewer [r]: A third-generation infrared viewing device, which creates images based on heat radiated, rather than reflected, from targets, allowing it to visualize such things as cold metal against earth, frictionally-heated aircraft/missile edges against the sky, and vehicle engines long after they have been turned off. [e]

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