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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Multistatic.
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Parent topics

  • Radar [r]: (acronym for "radio detection and ranging") A technique used for detecting and tracking targets, navigation, imagery, and special applications. [e]
  • Sonar [r]: A contraction of sound navigation and ranging, formally includes the active mode in which a pulse goes out and a receiver measures the echo. Also includes hydrophones or passive, listen-only systems. [e]


Other related topics

  • Bistatic [r]: A detection system which comprises a transmitter and receiver which are separated by a distance that is comparable to the expected target distance. [e]
  • Modulation [r]: The process of varying one waveform in relation to another waveform. [e]
  • Radar MASINT [r]: The use of radar signals to obtain information beyond imaging of a target or its simple position, such as motion, reflectivity and surface characteristics, etc.; this technical information may be combined with imaging radar or traditional tracking radar [e]
  • Stealth [r]: The popular term for a collection of techniques that make a military vehicle (air, space, land, sea, or undersea) hard to detect and harder to direct weapons against [e]
  • Time synchronization [r]: Add brief definition or description