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  • Extended interrogation techniques [r]: Methods of employing other interrogation techniquees, using one interrogator or teams of questioners, which create more pressure due to exhaustion; they are on the delicate border of crossing from coercive interrogation into some definitions of torture, if they produce sleep deprivation, do not provide adequate food and water, or use prolonged light, loud noise (including shouting) or other extreme environmental stressors [e]
  • Mutt and Jeff interrogation techniques [r]: Interrogation techniques using varying degrees of psychological pressure applied by a pair of interrogators, one playing a sympathetic and the other a hostile persona to the subject, alternating between entreaties and threats; often called "good cop-bad cop" [e]
  • Rapid Fire interrogation techniques [r]: A method of interrogation that exploits the general human desire to be heard, by using one or more interrogators to ask questions so fast, not waiting for an answer, that the prisoner interrupts with meaningful information as a way of being recognized [e]

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