Monarchy of the United Kingdom/Timelines

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A timeline (or several) relating to Monarchy of the United Kingdom.

871-899 Alfred the Great, [1] King of Wessex.
1016-1035 Canute the Great[2], King of England.
1171 Norman invasion of Ireland[3]
1175 Treaty of Windsor[4] between Henry II and Rory O'Conor, High King of Connaught.
1215 King John signs the Magna Carta[5][6].
1535 Laws in Wales Act[7].
1541 Henry VIII is declared King of Ireland[8].
1603 The Union of Crowns[9] James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England
1688 The "Glorious Revolution" and the Bill of Rights [10]
1688 Coronation Oath Act[11]
1707 Act of Union - with Scotland [12]. The legislative union between the parliaments of England and Scotland - forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
1772 The Royal Marriages Act[13]
1801 Act of Union[14] - making Ireland a part of the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland".
1922 Anglo-Irish Treaty [15] - The Irish Free State becomes an independent Dominion of the UK. The creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland