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Mike Mullen

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Admiral Mike Mullen became the 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on October 1, 2007. He serves as the principal military advisor to the President and the Secretary of Defense, and was previously Chief of Naval Operations

He received his undergraduate degree from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1968. Subsequently, he graduate of the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School and earned a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School.

He commanded three ships: the gasoline tanker USS Noxubee (AOG 56), the guided missile destroyer USS Goldsborough (DDG 20), and the Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Yorktown (CG 48).

He commanded Cruiser-Destroyer Group 2, the George Washington Battle Group, and the United States Second Fleet/NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic. His last operational assignment was as Commander, NATO Joint Force Command Naples/Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe.